Bekijk hier de presentatie van Elena Scaroni – Shaping Future regulatory trends for lighting

LightingEurope will map major policy and regulatory trends in Europe and discuss how they shape the future of lighting, in terms of stimulating demand for products and technologies or influencing future product design and business models.

The presentation will touch key legislations such as the

  • Ecodesign and energy labelling rules for lighting products
  • Ecodesign for sustainable products
  • Energy Performance of Buildings directive
  • EU Renovation Wave Initiative and
  • Digital Services Act

Law-making at EU level is a lengthy process and LightingEurope is there at every step: from sharing our technical expertise and market experience to proposing text for the draft law and educating the market and authorities about how to apply and enforce the adopted new rules. Take the ecodesign and energy labelling rules for lighting for example, where we have been engaging since the early 2000s. In our 2022 Annual Report you can find further EU policies relevant for the lighting industry.